October 23, 2019

Head scratchin'

So I was watching the baby yesterday morning while the wife took the oldest girl to school. The Today show was on. Al was talking about the weekend tornadoes in Dallas. Since he is a True Believer he blamed the event on Climate Change. The host asked if tornadoes were unusual in Texas in October. Al allowed that twisters do happen in October, but stated that the strength of the tornado -F3 - can be blamed on climate change. He said there hasn't been such a powerful tornado in October in Dallas for more than sixty years.


If there were F3 tornadoes sixty years ago, I guess the fact we had one now isn't because of climate change.

You have to pay attention to these charlatans. They see auguries and signs in everything. Just as the Pagans of old thought it a sign from god if a bird flew to the right instead of the left, the Climateers will see affirmation in anything.

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Practical Parsimony said...

There were 500 tornadoes in one day here in the South, definitely an anomaly. The point is that the number of tornadoes and the frequency has increased. Anomalies are becoming the norm, definitely increasing.

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