October 2, 2019

Humpity hump

I'm sitting here sweating out some serious global warmitude. The wife took the grandgirls over to their house to play in the air conditioning.  We have spent the past two nights over there while central Indiana sets some new high temperature records. I came home this morning to make some calls and do some job searching. Because I'm nice like that, I thought I'd throw up a blog post for your enjoyment, or not, whatever.

I finished the Ken Burns Country Music documentary Sunday. I was shocked to discover just how many country songs I knew, and even more surprising -- liked. I guess all of those Saturdays of my youth when Hee Haw was tuned in on the TV stuck to me more than I thought. Weirder, I have been listening to classic country on my Echo spy machine and somehow I can identify the singer in many cases. What is up with that?

In other news, hearsay, innuendo, and gossip dominates politics.

I think a bunch of Democrat Congresscritters held me down and cut off my hair. Impeach them all.

You heard it here 19th, Hillary is gonna run again. This whole Ukraine thing is going to sink Biden. Bernie just had heart problems. Fauxcahontas is too far left. The rest have no chance. Hillary thinks the third time will be a charm. Plus she is tired of slurping tears with her Chardonnay. From her perspective, and to many Democrats, she isn't any more corrupt than The Trumpster.

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight with the thought of seeing Hillary run again.

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