October 30, 2019

This should account for about 30 seconds of wasted time

Fall is settling in with a concentrated effort to remind us she is a harbinger for winter yet to come. Cold rain and cool temperatures will hint at a possibility of snow by tomorrow. I still need to cut the grass one more time. Perhaps this weekend.

I continue to train hard to prepare for a life as a professional iPad free cell player. Clearly I can't make a living blogging. I'm never going to write the next great American novel. So electronic cards may be my ticket to fame and fortune.

I slept the past couple of nights in the office recliner. I'm feeling much better today. Thanks for asking.

I have finally chosen my Halloween costume. I'm dressing as a guy who isn't wearing a costume. Yes, I will wear jeans and a T-shirt. Classic.

Enjoy your hump day, amigos.

1 comment:

Jean said...

Glad you're kickin' the cold.

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