November 10, 2019

Dodging the daily hodge podge

I raked the front and side yards yesterday. New leaves already lie on the grass. By midweek the lawn will again be covered.  So it goes.

The local professional football squad plays the late afternoon contest so I will have a hard time refusing to help do some much-needed household chores before game time. The wife hinted at dragging the Christmas decorations from the attic. I will resist. Although I am tempted to put up (but not turn on) the outside lights in the warmer temperatures today before the January-like cold settles in later this week. I shall endeavor to persevere. The boss hinted that a pot of chili might be good for supper. That I can probably manage without much argument.

San Francisco recently covered historical murals of George Washington. They were deemed offensive. Somehow a mural of hysterical angry climate change spokesperson Greta Thornburg is OK. These same coastal liberals who think this is wonderful seem not to understand why those of us in flyover country vote for Trump. If I need explain my disdain then you have not spent time reading here at all.

The new movie depicting he Battle of Midway is getting good reviews. I will probably have to wait until it comes out on video to see it. Going to the movies just isn't in the budget. I am excited though. Midway is probably one of the five most important battles in our nation's history. More people should know of it.


Cappy said...

Midway or Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell movie.

Someone in Hollywood screwed up twice and released these.

Also; Eric Ciaramella.

Practical Parsimony said...

I read your last paragraph to my friend, Tommy, said he thought the battle of Midway was the number one battle of the US. Then, he detailed how it all came about.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Midway was a gift from God.
No other way to explain it.

And Epstein did not kill himself.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Many parallels between Gettysburg and Midway, in my mind. I was considering writing my thesis on them, years ago. Both were "high water" events with poor coordination on the attacking side and the commanding general/admiral was not really in full command (Lee was sick and injured throughout the Gettysburg action, and Yamamoto was far away from the Midway action on Yamato, waiting for Nagumo to take the island). In both cases the defending force declined to pursue after the attacking force broke off and retreated (probably for the best in both cases, but neither Meade nor Spruance knew it at the time). In both cases the defending force benefited from the timely receipt of enemy communications, and knew the attacking force was coming in time to set up a hearty reception. Etc.

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