November 27, 2019

Four O'Clock and All is Well

I'm up early. Yawn. Me, because early. You yawn because same old same old. You've read it here before, probably hundreds of times.

I'm channel surfing until I doze and cat nap later this morning.

We got the outside decorations and lights mostly up yesterday. A few strings of lights were not working. Happens every year. We have a couple of bushes to finish. One inside tree is up and waiting on decorations. The other one I will get up today.

In other news -- nothing.

My cold lingers. I continue to hack up phlegm on a semi-regular basis.

See, I told you "yawn".

I hope you have a great Wednesday.


Practical Parsimony said...

Yawn here, too. It is my ears bothering me.

Jean said...

How did the interviews go?

Joe said...

Still waiting a response and that is likely not a good thing

Jean said...

Holiday week...stay hopeful.

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