November 19, 2019

Obscured by clouds

The fog horns are sending out their plaintive bass moan over the bay as oil-slick waters slosh in slow ripples against the docks. Workers shuffle towards dim yellow lights, paper cups of coffee steaming in their calloused hands. Their voices are a low hum, almost as if the sound itself is buffeted by the fog. The ground is damp, reflecting the feeble glow of  streetlights down the dim alley.

That's how it would be if there was a bay, foghorns or longshoremen hereabouts. Instead, suburbanites climb into their cars and drive off through the fog to shuffle paper. Their coffee is most likely in a Yeti or Starbacks cup.

It is Tuesday here in the heartland.

I woke early, back in the recliner after a one night go in bed Sunday. I settled in to greet the grandgirls, only to discover they are coming late today. Nobody bothered to tell me. I should have known when the wife failed to come down at the normal time.

The fog isn't just outside, apparently.


Practical Parsimony said...

After reading the first paragraph, I wonder why you do not write a book or short stories. That is a fine piece of descriptive writing.

Jan said...

I would read it.

Joe said...

Thanks. Every now and then the random monkeys pounding typewriters in my head hit on something coherent.

The archives is littered with the beginnings of stories. Too bad I have no storytelling abilities. I get a start then sputter to nothing after a few pages. I can describe, I just cannot write dialogue or compose a plot. I pretty sure it boils down to a lack of talent.

Anonymous said...

Most writers say they diagram the bones of the story and then flesh out the rest. Talent is not the issue, it's technique. Try it. Know where you are going before you start.

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