November 14, 2019

Weighing In

Down three pounds.

That's not what you want.

I bet Johnny Football and Tim Tebow and hundreds of others are scratching their heads in wonder. Why is the NFL setting up a private pro day for Kaepernick while other good players languish?

What if no one still signs him?

If the kneeler-in-chief just wants to play football, why hasn't he pursued the AFL or Canada as options? He could showcase his skills in game action. Doug Flutie and HOFer Kurt Warner both took that route into be NFL.


It seems to me the bar association should be looking into a bunch of Congresspeople. Many are lawyers but seem to have no understanding of evidentiary rules. Hearsay is not evidence. Sitting through just a couple of episodes of Judge Judy would tell you that.

Just like the whole "collusion" fiasco, can anyone tell me what statute threatening (if it even happened) to hold back money we are giving to a foreign government falls under? Don't we put requirements on foreign aid all of the time?

Shouldn't Papa Joe Biden answer for threatening (and bragging about it) to withhold aid to Ukraine unless they fire the prosecutor investigating the company that hired his son?


College athletes want to be paid. OK. They have to choose, take a scholarship or get paid. Either/or. Problem solved. A full ride scholarship to most universities is worth more than 30 grand. That is pay enough.


Just cut the baby in half.


What other problem do you need me to solve?


Cappy said...

The Cleveland Browns...

Joe said...

Ok. I don't have the ability to solve the impossible.

Anonymous said...

Money can not be withheld for personal benefit.
Also russia is just waiting to take over the country.
They are succeeding enough without us putting a bow on it.
Wake up he is don the con.
Love the wall that Mexico paid for that's impenetrable....unless you have a portable sawzall.
Love our debt is going down even with the tax gifts to our uber rich....not!!!!!!!
Love his great staff that he fires until it's just fox staff or relatives.
Wake up...... and don't throw out your lefty crap.
You can be conservative and not support the crap this emperor with no clothes strews out.
Enough. Get. Rid. Of. This. Blowhard. Stable. Genius. Now.

Practical Parsimony said...

I saw a documentary and saw the Sawzall take out the impenetrable wall. I laughed for a long time.

Practical Parsimony said...

I lost three pounds today, too.

Joe said...

There is a way to get rid of Trump. It is called an election.

This is a coup attempt by his political enemies. Democrats have cried for "impeachment" since before Trump was ever sworn in. I find it hard to get on board with a nothing burger like this.

If sticking he IRS on your political enemies was not worth investigating, then nothing is.

Russia collusion was a hoax. The Ukranian PM said he did not feel pressured. This is a waste of time and money too.

I'm not even a Trump fan, but the Democrats are pushing me deeper into his corner with this endless nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The uKrabi and president is afraid to say pressured he has a wolf at his door.
There is Russian colllusion. It's trumps love affair with putin. If voices hadn't been raised he would hand Ukraine gift wrapped over. He sure did syria.
If you got nothing to hide show the taxes. The should be as perfect as his calls to Ukraine president. Smirk.
If your doing something wrong yell about being persecuted that will get them off your back.
So what about democrats motivation. Wrong is wrong.

glasslass said...

Anonymous, Just a quick fact for the Democrats:

There are 3,142 counties in the United States of America

Trump WON - 2,659
Hillary WON - 484

In case you can't add that means TRUMP won 2,175 more counties than hillary.
Fact look it up.
Without 5 large cities Hillary wouldn't have won the popular vote. We are not a country that would allow 3 to 5 states dictate who would be our President.

Anonymous said...

That's 2016. That's not today. What's that got to do with all the bad decisions he is making. Tariffs, bad foreign policies, money spent every weekend flying to his golf courses and during the week to what ever pep rally he wants to hold to glorify his stable genius, stating he believes putin over intelligence agencys, flip decisions on policies, berating federal reserves, installing relatives in positions of power, the list is never ending. Forget hillary worry about what he is doing. Yes he won the election but no he is not doing the job and he is lining his personal pockets. The swamp didn't get drained and the biggest swamp monster of all is not green he is orange.

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