December 1, 2019

A matter of perspective

I have knocked out 266 posts as of the end of November. If I work at it I will end the year writing just over 300 entries. I make no promises as to quality, we are talking quantity. My lowest post total for any year since 2005 was 349. I won't get close to that this year, let alone the 544 entries I posted in 2006. It's not like I don't have time. I've been out of work since July.

Worse, my recent entries are just a little flat, lacking the depth of past year's efforts. I won't even address the quality of writing. While generally not ever erudite, recent efforts have been of even lower standard. Sorry about that.

Reading back trough the archives, I focused more heavily on politics in the old days. While I certainly do not ignore the foibles and policies of our elected officials recently, I tend to pay a lot less attention than I did in the past. This is mostly because I loathe the politicians of every stripe and party. Name one who isn't a self-serving egomaniac who values his own opinion far more than your freedom.

My kids have all left home, so their activities are no longer blog fodder. I don't think you really care about the mundane detritus of my daily life. "I had pizza for supper last night". Yawn (I did have pizza). Since I'm no longer on the road several days of the week traipsing the country, I don't even have travel stories to relate, expound, and expand.

In other words, I am terribly afraid the old blog has become as boring as my life. If you prefer it stated differently; my life sucks and so does the blog.

So it goes. Still, I am thankful you allow me to be part of your day.

Have a great Sunday.


Cappy said...

Keep posting, dang it!

Practical Parsimony said...

Maybe I have low standards, but I want you to keep writing.

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