December 27, 2019

A Potpourri of Words

I’m late to the old blog this morning. I was up late. After a dinner of leftovers, we settled in to binge watch the latest season of “This is Us”. We got through seven episodes before I called it quits, choked down my nighttime meds, and trudged off to bed.

What? Who cares, the wife is enjoys it. She suffers through baseball most summer nights for me. Besides it is actually a pretty good show.

I read through yet another article calling out the Hallmark Christmas Movie Marathon as Fascist, Nazi-like because the Jewish faith is under-represented and of course no LGBQRSTUV. Hey, Solon, it is the Christmas  movie marathon, not Kwanza, not Hanukkah, not Pride Week in Key West Marathon. Of course the movies are gonna be about Christmas. The only fascists and authoritarian position is yours by insisting you are the arbiter of content and inclusiveness. Don’t like the content, don’t watch. I do that with about 183 of my 200 channels.

Yesterday was spring-like. Very warm and breezy. Climateers will claim a December day in the low sixties is proof of Global Warming Climate Change We Are All Gonna Die Greta is Right. I will point out the temperatures were warm, but not a record. That distinction for December 26 dates to 1875. Say, isn’t that long before the widespread use of fossil fuels and cars and plastic bags at groceries and drinking straws? Maybe it is just weather after all.

I have ranted enough today. Have a great Friday.

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