December 10, 2019

And the beat goes on

Happy Tuesday blog friends. Yesterday's seasonable temps and wet weather has given way to a cold front. I don't care, it is comfortably warm here in my blog room/office/spare bedroom recliner.

The fun continues here at the old homestead as my SIL just learned he is jobless in a massive bankruptcy of one of the nation's largest truck carriers. You might have read about it. Too bad the actions of a couple of individuals have cost more than 3,000 workers their jobs. The news focuses on the drivers, but 500 administrative people are on the street with no severance, no vacation pay, nothing. Merry Christmas, indeed.

If you could keep him and my daughter's family in your prayers, I would appreciate it. .

1 comment:

Jean said...

So sorry for the added stress. Prayers for all.

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