December 17, 2019


We got a few more inches of snow yesterday evening and night leaving us with about seven inches on the ground. My neighbor cleaned my drive for me. I have good neighbors.

I thought we could use my wealth of hotel points to get some Christmas gifts. After a week of back and forth Amazon told me they have a system issue with Hilton and no one can shop with points right now. Foiled by fate once again.

Here is the snowman constructed by my wife and granddaughter yesterday:

Of course it is my duty to confess to white privilege since the snowman has gloves and a scarf and hat and I’m really sorry he is white.


Anonymous said...

You ridicule. There is nothing to ridicule. Your inability to see the injustices and your blessings even in your current situation is your short comings. In giving you shall receive. Give to those who need more than you and you shall receive.

Practical Parsimony said...

Gee, Anonymous is mean and stupid!

Anonymous said...

The comment was neither mean or stupid. It was meant to have deep self reflection. Something you might try pp.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you in your interviews. I'm sure the people will see your commitment and intelligence and your value to the organization. I predict a hire in the very near future.

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