December 6, 2019

King Trump I

The Dems are gonna impeach come Hell or High Water. Even if they have to create the "there". The theory at play is that where there is smoke there is fire, and there will be smoke even if Nancy and Schiff have to chuck smoke bombs into the room.

Does anyone take the proceedings seriously when they bring in partisan hacks to say sure he's guilty who have not seen the proof beyond the same hearsay evidence we all were subjected to previously? The same so-called "Constitutional Scholars" who would admit that hearsay evidence is worthless as any law student learned in first year classes? Hell, I know that and was only pre-law in college and learned most of my legal knowledge from Judge Judy.

I bet the GOPers could call up a round half dozen "experts" in about 30 minutes to argue the actions did not rise to the level of impeachment. What a joke.

Politicians really do think we are all stupid.

Sheesh, Nancy couldn't muster the courage to vote against Clinton, who admitted he lied under oath, a real crime called perjury*. Yet somehow we are to believe Trump is the greatest threat Evah. King George reincarnate, according to Nancy.

As I read somewhere, Trump did commit obstruction. He obstructed Hillary from moving into the White House.

*depending on your definition of "is".


Anonymous said...

I'm not paying attention to all this insanity.
I just know, for sure, that in 2020, I am voting for Trump.
Nothing the Dems do will sway me.
Trump will win re-election and hopefully, once and for all these Liberal Democrats will fade away into the atmosphere.
In the interim, Trump has been silently appointing judges etc and changing the face of America while those idiotic Dems self-destruct.
Better than any series on Showtime, for sure!

Cappy said...

It's a Road Runner cartoon on endless loop.

Ed Bonderenka said...

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