December 26, 2019

Merry Christmas you filthy animal

There we were Monday, scrambling to get the right gifts with our meager funds. We found ourselves driving down Keystone Ave, heading to the Butler campus to grab a gift from the bookstore.  Traffic was bumper to bumper and all three lanes southbound were filled with commuters, shoppers, errand-runners and ne’er-do-wells. We were stopped on the edge of South Broadripple, not far from the boy’s apartment (we weren’t visiting, he was at work).

We were minding our business when a car slammed right into the back of our little Escape. Hard. Even the wife cursed. I looked in the rear view and saw a silver four door, likely a GM product, maybe a Korean job. I could see the front quarter panel was hanging loose. The driver was pointing out the window to a parking lot just beside me. I turned in to exchange info, just to see him gas it and flee down the street as fast as he could. I was boxed in by the heavy traffic and the little bastard was long gone.

I climbed out and checked the wreckage. Some whiteish scrapes of paint where his front end went under my bumper appears to be the only damage. Lights, cameras and the rest appear to be in good shape. There is no apparent buckling anywhere. I suspect the trailer hitch mount gave a modicum of protection. I have uninsured motorist coverage but it is subject to a deductible, which I certainly don’t have. I will take the car into a body shop today for an estimate before I file a claim, just to see if there is any internal damage.

So if you see a jerkoff driving around the greater Broadripple area with a loose bumper sporting a square hole dead center from my trailer hitch mount get his license plate will ya?

Every time I think life cannot suck any more Fate tosses another curveball my way.


Practical Parsimony said...

How horrible! I hope you at least made a police report. I am having days like that. Maybe we should all have trailer hitches installed to inflict a little damage to those kinds of people.

I once put a half inch scratch on a bumper and my insurance had to pay $600 to replace the bumper because it had cracked it underneath. ???

Cappy said...

Went to a store in Broad Ripple the day after my daughter brought my grandson home. I had to go into the store - she was leery of the need to punch a hippie in the face.

I'd like to credit myself with good parenting, but it might be the drugs administered in delivery.

hey teacher... said...

Our Corolla had a disagreement with a large buck on Saturday. Our daughter was driving me and herself , (you can fix thi fo you wish) , back from a trip to out of town Walmart for a “needed” item (@ the wife’s request). Front fender and both doors received damage and electric adjust mirror was sheared totally off. I swear the buck did a cartoon shaking of his head,(you know the one), and proceeded to trot off into the woods. My daughter’s immediate response , “Merry ¥€[>§@$# Christmas!” Seemed about right at the time but in hindsight seems a bit harsh.

Joe said...

That sucks. Car-deer collisions are never pretty

glasslass said...

Wal-Mart sells Deer Whistles for $5/6 buck and they work. Did a lot of driving for 18 years and always kept them on my cars and trucks. Actually saw a herd turn when I was coming up on them.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Any video from local store cams?

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