December 31, 2019

Out with the old

There is a strong breeze blowing this morning, perhaps Ma Nature’s way of sending off the old year. Since this is the last day of the 2019 calendar and of the decade, I think a little review is in order.


You can get all of the review you need by clicking into the archives.

I will venture that 2019 started out well, I would assign a letter grade of “A”. The second half earned an “F”. That averages to a “C” I suppose. It seems worse than that. 2020 is starting as an “F”, so things can only get better. Always optimistic me is sure of it.

I said I’m optimistic. Don’t you snigger at me.

No, SJWers of the world, that isn’t a racist word. Look it up.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year.

If you drink, don’t drive.

See you next year.
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