January 21, 2020

And you are there...

Impeachmentpalooza kicks off today. The opening acts portend to be boring, but you never know. As Ed Bondereka pointed out, the pundits keep reminding us this is a “political process”, but should it be?

The real truth is this is all show. Each Senator has his mind made up and expect all but the most secure seats to toe the party line. Witnesses, no witnesses, it does not matter. No opinion will be changed either way. It is all about trying to influence the coming elections. Can the Dems make Trump look so horrible that Bernie and the Cherokee Princess look good? Can Trump look more sleazy than Biden’s kids? Can the Republicans make the whole thing come off as a despicable coup against a sitting President?

It is all about bending he malleable middle right or left come November.

It was never about the Ukraine. It is about power and who has it.


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