January 18, 2020

Fire all your guns at once

We dodged the weather bullet as freezing drizzle turned to a steady rain overnight. Rain continues to fall this morning in what appears to be a weather rerun from last weekend. So no snow so far for 2020.

I made a big pot of potato soup last night and served it up with BLT sandwiches. As usual, we ate way too much bacon. Leftover soup will provide our weekend lunches.

For once I know our plans for Saturday. We are babysitting this evening. I can live with that. I’ll pass the rest of the time with the same old routine: reading, watching old movies, napping. Yes life is boring around here.

Have a great Saturday. Here is a little Saturday cartoon to get your day started. Don’t just eat the marshmallows from your Lucky Charms while watching.


Jean said...

We got about 4" of snow after midnight. Now it's drizzling and melting.
Tonight, more rain turning to ice.
Still, we're about 10" less snow than last year at this time.

glasslass said...

Well I'm below you in Western Ky. and we had a little rain early this morning with nothing today and no snow here either.

Ed Bonderenka said...

way too much bacon

Joe said...

We got over seven inches of snow in December and that is about it for measurable snow. The cold finally arrived again. It is 10 with a windchill of -4 as I type.

Ed- those exact words went through my head as I wrote those words!

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