January 14, 2020

Four O’Clock and All is Well

Early. Check. Not a new story around here. Enough about that.

In Britain, the Royal family...nope. Don’t care.

I hope my coffee doesn’t poison me this morning. Apparently there was a pump failure up on the mighty White River and those of us in the North ‘burbs are under a “ boil your water before consuming “ order.  I didn’t boil my coffee water this morning because I forgot and two, I hope the heat of the Keurig kills whatever evil microbes in the water that are trying their utmost to get into my gut and breed. The thought of drinking water direct from the nasty White River gives me the willies. While not as polluted as the burning Cayuga Cuyahoga of Cleveland fame, the White River has plenty of issues.

Say, you want to come over for tea this afternoon?


Practical Parsimony said...

yuck! Got clean ice for the tea?

Jean said...

Cuyahoga. But you know that. You were making a funny.

Joe said...

I wish it was humor. Nope it is gross incompetence. I can blame it on lack of sleep or autocorrect, but it was me.

Cappy said...

We shall re-ignite the river in honor or your correction, sir.

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