January 7, 2020

Hot Buns

I see it all of the time, and I’m going to be frank. Hair tied into a bun is the opposite of sexy. It is unattractive, especially as a topknot. Maybe a bun on the back of the head, librarian style, might pass muster, but probably not.

Man buns are even worse. Any dude who sports a man bun deserves a quick kick in the gonads courtesy of an NFL placekicker.

You can argue in the comments, but you would be wrong.


Carole said...

I think Duchess Meghan Markle wore a messy bun. Of courses any hair do on her would look good.

B said...

Sexy librarian buns are good.

I'll be in my bunk......

glasslass said...

Man buns are the worst.

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