January 9, 2020

I shall endeavor to persevere

The full moon is shining a soft white through the bare branches of the maple tree in the front yard. I find myself staring out the window contemplating the moon and life in general.

I deleted three paragraphs of “poor me”. You are welcome.

I guess I wasn’t home when the Publisher Clearinghouse crew came by to give me that big check in the first of my lifetime weekly winnings.

Maybe I will just live in my HGTV Dream home I’m about to win when the mortgage company comes for my current house.

I think my chances of winning the lottery are pretty good. Well, they would be if I bought a ticket. I guess I could take my unemployment debit card down to the casino next week and double my investment. Just one pull on the one armed bandit and I could be set for the foreseeable future. My strategy is to take those winnings, double down and take a hit on that hard 15 in blackjack. The dealer will be speechless. Ka-ching. Do I have to report gambling winnings on my unemployment voucher?

If I start writing now do you think I can crank out the next great American novel and generate Harry Potter-like sales in say, the next sixty days? That’s realistic, right?

In a few minutes the wife will come downstairs and wish me a good morning. My granddaughters will come in the front door and I will know I’m rich beyond measure. I am truly blessed. I won life’s lottery. I just need to remember it.

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Practical Parsimony said...

Everyone deserves a pity party. Just make it short. Write the book; it's a better gamble than gambling. Just don't take out an insurance policy on your wife.

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