January 24, 2020

just waiting for spring

Let’s get the usual pablum out of the way. I woke up early. It is raining. Things might turn to slushy snow. Maybe not. Life is good in many ways. It sucks beyond measure in others. There you have it.

I’m marking time until baseball season starts in earnest. Watching the Cubbies appears to be a little more difficult this year. The team has started their own network and games will be only available if you pay for the package. That is providing your cable company carries the network. I’m not sure mine will, and I can’t pay any more for TV at this point.

I thought about an MLBTV subscription, but surprise!, the Cubs are blacked out in central Indiana. Only “out of market” games are available. How 200 plus miles can be considered “local” I’m not sure. I guess I will listen to the games on radio. It is further evidence the team cares far more about money than the fans.

In the meantime I entered to current century and started playing Words with Friends with the wife. On the iPad. I lose every game. There is certainly a statement on our times when you think about two people sitting beside each other on the couch wordlessly playing a “board game” on an electric screen. That’s OK, for the most part my iPad is a very expensive deck of cards for playing solitaire.

And as a replacement for a five buck journal.

In the meantime, I am reading a collection of old Louis L’Amour short stories. I have a bunch of stuff I can watch on TV. Winter is a boring time.

Hey, if you get both Lyme disease and the Coronavirus, does that mean you are on the way to a beach party?


Jean said...

One would think that all baseball clubs would go above and beyond to be fan friendly...not stick it to 'em one more time.

Practical Parsimony said...

I have never played Solitaire with cards or on computer or Word with Friends.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Are the Reds blacked out on MLBTV in central Indiana, too?

Not that I'm a Reds fan (I'm not), but they're a lot more "local" to Indy than Chicago.

Well, I mind the days you could set on the couch with a cold beer in the afternoon and watch the Cubs on Channel 59. I guess those days are long gone.

FWIW I imagine the TV shenanigans are forced on them by the league, though I'm sure the team isn't shy about benefiting from them. But hell, this "Marquee Sports Network" hasn't even inked a deal with Comcast in Chicago, yet. That seems pretty stupid to me. I mean Comcast up there is only half the market.

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