January 31, 2020

meet the new boss

If we could harness snot as a power source, I am producing enough to keep a Prius running in the left lane holding up traffic. At least three big trees will have to be cut down to produce the necessary pulp to create tissues for my nose. Ordinary humans would be snuggled up in bed, shivering and holding on to their favorite stuffed animal, whimpering in misery. I am propped up in the recliner blogging.

You are welcome.

In other news the impeachmentpalooza May or may not wrap up today. Yawn. As the Clintonistas famously groused”Move On”. I feel bad for the next Democrat President. He won’t be able to wipe his arse without a subpoena and subsequent impeachment.

Just like a Horrid Harry’s trashing of the filibuster and the current use of the courts for nation-wide injunctions, the lefties are going to really hate the new rules should they get back in charge.

In other news, it is a Friday. Enjoy it.

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B said...

Perhaps you have the Wuhan Kung Flu

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