January 12, 2020

Sunday Pictures

Rainbow - Shelby County, IN December 20, 2012
I took this picture at 60 MPH from my car window. If memory serves, I was heading back from buying Christmas presents in the Big City.

What was unusual is that you don’t usually see rainbows at 2:20 in the afternoon. Or in December.

This was taken with an iPhone a few miles from my old house. This is looking east. The mountains would be behind me.

And a thousand miles away.

The land does not tilt, it is flat as can be. Blame the picture taker.

I think photographer is the right term, I just hesitate to attach any label to my efforts that infers competence.


Practical Parsimony said...

If I were going fast, I am not sure how flat that flat land would look. I am afraid to take pictures while driving. Pretty scene.

B said...


Joe said...

Yep mountains — 1000 miles to the west

Joe said...

PP yes it is very very flat. If you haven’t been to the swath of central Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois you have not seen flat outside of West Texas

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