January 1, 2020

what is old is now new

Take that 2019 — 302 posts. You thought I would not make it. Sure, it took a bunch of Christmas song videos to make it over the top, but I never claimed to present quality content any way.

Happy New Year to you, readers. It is gonna be a great year.

Unless it is not.

We celebrated the New Year in the same old way. I kissed my wife at the stroke of midnight. Earlier we went to dinner with some friends and then drove down south to their house to play cards. They live in my old neighborhood. Early readers of the old blog might remember when I lived next to a lake / retention pond.

Today the outside Christmas decorations come down. That procedure is quicker than putting them up. I hate to take them down, everything is so blah and gloomy without the lights and wreaths. So it goes.  I was going to wait until the weekend, but rain is slated to move in Saturday. I guess if I feel the need to see some Christmas lights I can just drive a couple of blocks. Those guys leave their lights on until April or whenever they burn out.

Thanks for hanging with me through 2019. I look forward to sharing this bit of nonsense in the coming year.

Unless I don’t.

That’s how life works.

Have a great day.

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Practical Parsimony said...

Pagans put up their lights inside and out to banish the dark blahs. At least, now the days are getting longer, seconds a day.

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