February 29, 2020

a copy of a copy

I guess he didn’t care for his Christmas present.

This is my oldest boy, the middle child before he was a middle child. This is from 1991 and he was three.

I found a place locally who transfers old videotape to dvd. It was cheap.  I took two tapes over to see how they came out. The wife and I enjoyed watching the kids from nearly thirty years ago.

I might add that my wife was hot at 30 years old. I still think she is.

The actual quality of the product is better than what I have posted. This is a cell phone recording of the TV playing the DVD of the videotape. I guess that makes it a copy of a copy? Anyway I am pretty happy with the results. I have about 15 -18 more tapes to be transferred at some point.

Somewhere my a dad has old Super 8 film of me as a kid. Whether it is too old and brittle to copy is the question. I would enjoy seeing me as a snot-nosed kid.

Who wouldn’t?


Jean said...

He looks like a mini-you.

Joe said...

As a boy he did look like me. Now he looks like the men in my wife’s family

hey teacher... said...

Back in ‘95 I took my dad’s super 8 films of us when we were kids and had them dubbed onto vhs tapes and made some convincing labels reading Married with Children and gave them to Mom and Dad for Christmas. I believe I saw some definite moisture gathering at the corners of my dad’s eyes. Find the films and get them dubbed for your kids, ( mine lovemaking fun of me in the ones I made).

Ralphd00d said...

An Uncle of mine did that for my grandparents and their old 8mm films. Then a few years back he began doing the VHS to DVD conversion. Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly before they were done and I have no idea where all the old tapes and new conversion discs went...

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