February 13, 2020

Help Me Rhonda

I am clearly out of step with the current political climate. I have no doubt I will find myself in a gulag /  re-education camp after the Bernie Bros bring us the joys and wonders of Communism.

Here is just another example of stuff I do not understand. A teacher at an Indiana suburban school has been suspended over a lesson in “this day in history “ because he/she showed a magazine cover marking that Mike Tyson was convicted of rape on that date.

I don’t recognize the problem. It was true, the facts are correct. More importantly, I am concerned any school would comment that stuff in the past isn’t relevant.

I am increasingly lost in this world where apparently no one is allowed to ever be offended, uncomfortable, or face actual truth. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and why is the teacher suspended, but some are calling for the teacher to be fired? I really am that clueless.


Jean said...

I guess I'm in the clueless class with you.

Scott said...

What relevance does history have? I want to tear a statue down. OK, Boomer... It's just not our world anymore.

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