March 27, 2020

Corona Virus Karaoke

Day 53 of Kung Flu fighting.

Apparently it is a Friday. It feels like any other day at this point.

While strolling around the greater subdivision yesterday evening I stopped to talk to a fellow Cubs fan. He noticed my T-shirt and gave me the sooper  sekrit high sign. We stood ten feet apart and reminisced. I didn’t know the guy but it seems he grew up in the next town over from where I was born and raised. Small world indeed.

I cooked a thick ham slice in brown sugar and a little pineapple juice for dinner. For sides I made a pan of homemade mac&cheese and green bean casserole, and then I sautéed the pineapple chunks in the syrup. It was pretty good fare for a warm spring evening.

Since I am basically an antisocial jerk, this whole semi-quarantine has been a minor inconvenience. The wife, who needs to be perpetually on the go, is going crazy. Coupled with the fact that she can only see the grandgirls via FaceTime, she is not a happy girl. She is hunting the house for projects to keep busy and that means she is roping me into participating.

Mr. B asks a pertinent question. If the goal is to keep folks separated and at home, why oh why is public transportation still running?

Rain is slated for the next few days. As I watch the rapidly greening front yard I am reminded my mower died last fall. I did the last few cuttings borrowing my SIL’s mower. I need to figure a way to purchase a new machine.

Stay safe amigos.


glasslass said...

Dinner sounds delish. Apparently buses are running for non-essential personnel to get to work. I'm below you in western ky and had my yard mowed on Monday. I have a two sided porch so today's "project" is to get out the blower and get rid of the leaves and debris that have accumulated over the winter.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Thank you for sharing this pleasant post.
It had a calming effect on me..

Laura said...

Public transportation is still running because many of the people who work in grocery stores, gas stations, hospital housekeeping, etc. and other current essential businesses don't make enough to own a car and still need to get to and from work.

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