March 6, 2020

its not even daylight and I need a nap

After a string of warm spring-like days, winter has made an appearance today. It is spitting snow and windy. I’m not worried. It is supposed to return to warmer weather tomorrow.

In the past week the baby granddaughter has gone from starting to crawl to pulling herself up to stuff. She is getting into everything. It is a full time job just herding her. She is obsessed with ripping my glasses from my face. She has destroyed a couple of the wife’s magazines. The little one finds all of this mischief hilarious. We are blessed with two of the happiest, good natured grandgirls ever.

Can we all agree NFL free agency needs to start now so the endless stories about “what will Tom Brady do”can just go away? Please?

I hope you have a great Friday.

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Greybeard said...

Okay, help me...
What's the NFL? :(

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