March 31, 2020

Kung Flu log for date 87.15.64

We ventured out to pick up some groceries yesterday afternoon. The store was fairly well stocked, but there were still some empty shelves. I think it was the first time either of us had been out for a week, besides strolling the neighborhood sidewalks for vitamin sunshine and exercise. Came home and scrubbed my hands and repeated after storing the groceries.

The boy seems better when we spoke yesterday. Breathing was almost back to normal. His cough was still bad, but better. Thank you for your prayers.

Days are blending together. There is little distinction between a Saturday and a Tuesday. The girls don’t come. We don’t hang out with our friends on a Saturday evening. I tried to find a virtual euchre game but it didn’t work out. As the current TV season wraps up things are going to get even more boring. I guess I will develop a love for yard work. I have enough of it to do.

Life continues on. We are alive. So far we are reasonably healthy. That is enough.


Practical Parsimony said...

I am so happy your son is getting better. You will soon have the best looking yard in town. Maybe you can win an award for your yard efforts. Can you develop a love for food gardening, even if it is in pots and buckets?

Jean said...

Glad your son is making good progress.
You can rest a little easier.

Joe said...



I’ve had a small vegetable garden for years — mostly tomatoes.

Way too early to plant though. April freeze and snow is not unheard of

Joe said...

Thanks jean

Cappy said...

Good to hear your son is recovering.

Stay safe out there.

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