March 2, 2020

Rinse and repeat

I woke at 4:30 blah, blah. Whatever.

It was an unseasonal warm day yesterday, with the high temperatures pushing 60F. Of course I am using Fahrenheit, 60 Celsius would be equivalent to an unbearable 140F. I admit I had to look that conversion up. I can do the conversion for metric/inch for length with little trouble. Kilograms/pounds I can do an estimate. Volume and speed I can do with an educated guess (100K=62 mph). Temperature has always eluded me beyond 70F is roughly 18C, I know the freeze and boiling points and -40 is the same in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. All other temperature conversions are impossible for me to calculate.

Don’t be impressed, anyone who works in manufacturing can do those same metric/ imperial conversions.

Anyway, before you got me off on a metric tangent I was going to report I sat out on the patio in the late winter sun and enjoyed a nice cigar while listening to a Dan Carlin Hardcore History podcast. Life is good.

So here we are on Monday. March is coming in like a lamb and according to folk knowledge that does not bode well for the end of the month.

 March is big around here. My 15th blogoversary and my birthday are both in March. You should probably starting thinking about getting me some gifts.


Greybeard said...

Spring in Indiana can be... interesting.
Your post made me look it up-
April 11, 1965.
DOZENS killed. LOTS of damage.
At least we now tie down our mobile homes.

Greybeard said...

Anonymous said...

Celsius? Easy: Thirty’s warm, twenty’s nice, ten is cold, and zero is ice. See? John of the GMA

glasslass said...

Send me you address, date of birthday and I will be able and more than happy to send you the last item bought on ebay at 11:59:35pm on December 31, 1999. You know right before Y2K and the world was going to die but that was what he wanted to commemorate. So when he passed I am now the proud owner of this lovely piece of memorabilia that I would love to pass on to someone worthy of this honor. Really it's cute! Really! I wouldn't lie to you. Honest!

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