March 13, 2020

We are all gonna die

All is well. While telling us not to panic the media and government are are whipping up panic and fear to levels I’ve not seen in my lifetime. Indianapolis has pretty much cancelled everything including school. Nationwide sporting events are on hiatus. Vacation spots are closed.

The economic ramifications are going to be severe and profound. 2008 and 2009 are going to look like fond memories.

The wife and I moseyed to the local Kroger last night for our regularly scheduled shopping trip. Holy cow. The shelves were stripped bare. No meat was available outside a stray package of chicken wings and some full racks of ribs. Very little produce was on hand. The canned goods stock consisted of mixed peas and carrots, proving no one likes that crap, and some garlic flavored green beans. There was no bread, no eggs, no butter. I saw a lady with two carts full of bottled water, at least ten cases total, perhaps more. Call me naive, but does anyone think basic services like electricity and water are threatened? Employees were rationing toilet paper. At 11:00 pm the check out lanes were all open and each had a line of carts at least ten deep.

I wish that preceding paragraph was hyperbole. It is truth.

Hoarding isn’t helpful.

I have a couple of promising job prospects. I am worried the quickly collapsing economy will affect these opportunities. I was slated to start soon on a seasonal gig at one of the big box chains. Who knows if that will come to pass.

Yeah, I’m worried. No I’m not panicking. Yet.

I do think we are facing a situation we haven’t seen since October of ‘29.

Boy, do I hope I’m wrong.

On a far more pleasant note, go over and wish My blog buddy Jean a very happy birthday.


Jean said...

Thank you, Joe.
In spite of all the clammoring, we're going out tomorrow for my birthday lunch. We're being blessed with lovely weather and that should be enjoyed.

Greybeard said...

What worries me most?
The "ripple effect" we're about to experience that we cannot possibly foresee.
And I agree... 1929 may not be an impossibility.

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