April 20, 2020

I see leaves of green

It is bright and sunny through the blog room window. Seasonal temperatures will warm the afternoon into the low sixties, if the weather woman is accurate. I think I will fire up the grill for dinner and char some burgers or perhaps a nice steak from our carefully hoarded stash of beef in the garage freezer. Or not, if the Boss decrees otherwise. While our votes are equal here at the democratic nation of Joe, the fair spouse has veto power. She wields this power not because I’m a weak, easily pushed around mouse, but rather I’m a firm believer that a happy wife makes life so much more pleasant. Plus, that’s what you do when you are cooped up with someone day after day after day after day.

Cooperate, or murder. Sometimes it is a fine line.

Relax. It is a joke people.

The neighbors had another small party Saturday. I don’t really care, it is none of my business. But the longer people keep doing this kind of stuff the longer we are stuck in the house.

In other news, there is no other news. My life is your life.

Stay safe, wash your hands.

How about a little music to wrap up our virtual conversation today? This is for long departed blog buddy Yabu, May he Rest In Peace:

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