April 9, 2020

Riding the storm out

We had a salad topped with grilled chicken and apple muffins for supper. It was such a beautiful spring evening the wife and I sat on the porch to enjoy the sunset and watch thunderstorms move in from the west. Distant skies flashed and thunder rolled continuously. The clouds were weird. Lots of rain and wind, even hail came in a hurry.  

Yesterday saw temperatures almost reach eighty. And in typical spring weather, today’s highs will be in the forties. There is even a slight chance of snow. Sigh.

It was great wearing shorts and a T-shirt for a couple of days. Now we are looking at cool weather for the next week.

I’m bracing myself with another bout on hold with the unemployment folks. I spent more than 8 hours on hold Tuesday, getting disconnected three times while being transferred from the call center to someone who can actually help me understand why I cannot file for the extended benefits. I was on hold for nearly two hours yesterday without ever connecting to anyone prior to traveling to the northern part of the state for a funeral. 

It was strange standing in separation at the cemetery while the minister spoke over a loud speaker. We were in immediate-family groups, spread out in an area roughly half a football field. For the most part everyone did a good job of social distancing. My Brother-in-law, who we haven’t seen since Christmas, could not resist hugging my wife. She tried backing away to no avail. So it goes. 

Here is a bad cell phone video of the storm rolling into the neighborhood last evening. Check out the weird streaming clouds. The winds must have been hundreds of miles an hour aloft. 


Jean said...

We had tornadoes and hail just outside our area night before last.
Yesterday temps at 70. This morning snow.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I totally agree. That is a bad cell video.
But it got it across.

Practical Parsimony said...

Impressive. We had storms for about 3 hours and temps in 60s, and today was near 80, sunny and windy. We had salad and chicken, too.

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