April 4, 2020

What did you do during the Great Chopstick Fever, Grandpa?

I think it is Saturday. The calendar pages are starting blur in a progression of boredom. I wake up, medicate, coffee, blog. Then I mosey downstairs for breakfast. I watch something. Many somethings. Go for a walk. Or not. Lunch. Shoot the shit with the wife. Try unsuccessfully to get in her pants. Read. Pass time. Sit on back patio. Sit on front porch. Talk to the grandgirls on FaceTime. Supper. Sit on couch and watch tv. Rinse and repeat. Yet by some miracle I’m less stressed and happier than I have been in months.

I broke the monotony yesterday with a stogie on the back patio. The wife and I played a few hands of rummy while she baked a cake after dinner.

Today I’m going to smoke a pork butt. The sweet smell of meaty smoky goodness will torment the neighbors and leave them salivating in jealousy. I think I will make some macaroni salad and baked beans as accomplices.

I finished Tim Dorsey’s latest novel. I started a Travis McGee adventure. I’m still in the middle of rereading a Bruce Catton Civil War history. I’m almost through The Sopranos. I don’t know what series I’ll binge next.

Hang tough blog neighbors. We shall get through this.


Ed Bonderenka said...

When you smoke a pork butt, which end do you light?

Cappy said...

Started binging Mad Men.

Life as it shoulda been.

Ralphd00d said...

Man, would love me some home made macaroni salad about now!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how powerful local and state governments have,become .

James old Guy

Joe said...

JOG it is great to hear from you.

I hope you are well

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