May 22, 2020

Amazon delivered twice yesterday

The grandgirls returned this week to stay during the day. They will be coming occasionally going forward depending on mom and dad’s work schedules. The oldest has had great fun playing with her Barbies , dolls, and other toys that are deliberately different from those she has at home. The baby is crawling and getting into everything with an abiding sense of humor and infectious smile. I bet she threw me 100 kisses yesterday.

I have a phone call with my doctor this morning, a requisite for him to call in refills on my meds. Im not sure what the call will accomplish, but I’m sure it allows him to bill the insurance company. Whatever.

I have posted this many times, but Frank always brings a smile to your day, and this is The Chairman at his best.

Have a great Friday.

1 comment:

Cappy said...

Great mellow late night or on call emergency mood music.

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