May 24, 2020

arbitrarily capricious

You would never know the Wuhan Flu ((rasssissst alert) was a thing here, at least by people’s actions. Sure a significant percentage of people are still masked up and restaurants and business still have wonky hours. Crowds at the big box stores are heavy. The neighbor kids are hosting a party nearly every weekend.

The remaining restrictions make no sense. If some science was involved I could maybe understand it, but it is arbitrary. Public pools can open but no concerts. If any place in life is a Petri dish of germs it is a pool. Restaurant dining rooms can open at partial capacity, unless you are a handful of miles away across a county line, then you can only dine outside. But parks are closed. You know, wide open green spaces. The CDC says it is unlikely to get the Kung Flu virus from surfaces, so why are playgrounds closed? Five hundred people can congregate at the home improvement store or Target, but churches remain shuttered or restricted.

At least I finally got a haircut. I couldn’t do that in the next county south. Literally (and I’m literally using “literally “ correctly) less than six miles away, the rules are completely different. Does the Bat Soup Virus know about political boundaries?

It’s time to move on from this nonsense.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

If a pool is a Petri dish of germs, it should be closed down by the Board of Health.

They’re not chock-full of chlorine for nothing. I’d be more concerned about swimming in a freshwater lake. Or one of our local reservoirs.

You don’t know how many times my wife’s been woken up at 6AM on a Sunday by a lifeguard because the chemicals weren’t right 😁

Cheryl said...

I live in Western PA and we are in zone yellow. No pools or playgrounds are open. No haircuts but obviously our governor is getting his done. Up to 25 people together and I'm not sure if there inside dining right now. Overall I am happy how our state is doing but many disagree with me. My son worked at Lowe's and they were jam packed.

glasslass said...

Friend I hadn't seen in 9 weeks called and we met at a local eatery. Servers were in masks as were we when we went in. They had us all spaced 3 tables apart, service was quick, food delicious. I'm getting real tired of my cooking after all these weeks so a change of pace was wonderful. Seemed like everyone was doing there part. People leaving were putting on masks. So, let's hope it'll go well as we re-open.

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