May 11, 2020

catching up

The girls are here today. We are excited about that. It is a one day only appearance though. They will be back a few days next week.

I put in more than 25 miles since Thursday while working at the big box store. I have a welcome day off today. I would like to tell you I enjoy the work. That would be a lie. So it goes. It beats the alternative.

We are still having early March-like weather, but it is expected to warm up by the weekend.

There, you are caught up.

My life is as boring as this blog. Sorry ‘bout that.

BTW, the Lilly in yesterday’s post is from my backyard last year.

Have a great Monday.

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Practical Parsimony said...

Do you wear a mask at work? If not, life could get more exciting for you and your wife.

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