May 17, 2020

Chasing Rabbits

Music from the 1960s plays softly as I hunt and peck letters and words this morning. It is cloudy but promises a warm day. I hope not too warm.

I dreamed about smoked meat last night. I am contemplating dragging out the smoker. Is there still a pork shortage? Ribs sound good.

Never mind, it looks like it will rain this afternoon.

Yes I know the smoker works in the rain. Why are you pestering me? Truth is I need to go get some ribs. I just checked and I need some more wood chunks. It all just seems like a lot of work for a Sunday morning.  Yes, I’m feeling lazy.

I walked seven plus miles at work yesterday. Friday too. Moving around grills and mowers all day is building my long-lost upper body strength. I have today off. Perhaps I will smoke a cigar before the rains come instead of ribs or pork shoulder. I have to finish conversing with you first.

You are enjoying this right? Do I not entertain you?

Man, how can you not dig Grace and the boys? That’ll entertain you. Yes, I posted that video because it just played on my magic Bezos spy speaker.

No Sunday picture. You don’t care.

Imagine sitting on the patio sharing a cold beverage with me. Go ahead, it is not hard if you try. Imagine.  Our conversations would be just like reading this blog, but with my decidedly not good for radio voice mumbling my part with that strange south of 70 Hoosier drawl. *

Feed your head.

Have a great and blessed Sunday.

*weirdly, I grew up far north of 70. Not really so weird, social scientists posit we learn our accent and speech patterns from our peers as much as our parents. My brother and I have distinctly different accents. Yes, I can make my accent go away if I choose. Added note (without the extra**), one can find that same not quite Southern drawl south of 70 in Ohio and Illinois too.


Ed Bonderenka said...

My mom picked up a Louisianan accent after living in Detroit most of her life and then moving there.

Practical Parsimony said...

This reminds me a an Andy Griffith episode where everyone was inspired to have a lazy Sunday afternoon listening to the band. Well, they just about killed themselves trying to get band uniforms mended and the bandstand in repair. They were exhausted at the end of the day.

Jean said...

I think an in person conversation with you would be most interesting. I'll bring the beer of your choice.

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