May 1, 2020


It is said* that each day Napoleon scratched a line into the wall of his modest home on St. Helens to mark another day in exile. I have taken up the same practice. The wife isn’t crazy about the two score and ten gouges in the drywall of my office, but so it goes in these days of pandemic.**

I started a part time gig at one of the big box retailers this week. Neither the wife nor I are crazy about interacting with the generally germy public***, but so it goes. The great State of Indiana has yet to fulfill their promise of extending unemployment benefits to 39 weeks****, therefore, since the ability to buy groceries is essential, it is hi ho, hi ho, off to work I go.

The weather person has indicated we should have a couple of rain free days ahead, so I plan on killing some weeds this afternoon. The neighbor had a truck load of mulch dumped in his drive this morning. He faces a lot more work than I. Good for him.

I need a truck load of mulch. That will have to wait until another day.

So, we are fifty days into this stay st home unless you think you need to go somewhere pandemic. I’m getting a little tired of things. I bet you are too. Monday marks the youngest grandgirl’s first birthday. It appears we will celebrate with a virtual party. That sucks. I didn’t mind skipping my big day. But a first birthday should be celebrated.

I sincerely hope you have a great Friday.

Edit: the Governor has issued a partial freedom starting next week!

* No one said that. There is zero evidence the Emperor nor I carved date markers into the wall.

** this is roughly day 50, depending on how you count and where you live

***I am high risk — diabetes, multiple cases of pneumonia. I will wear a mask and hope for the best.

**** They keep promising it will be implemented some day. I took the unprecedented approach of actually contacting my State Representative for help. The office was more than helpful. They called back right away and followed up twice with additional questions. It was the way we like to imagine government works. He got no better answers than I have from the DWD, but he didn’t have to wait on hold for 4.5 hours to be told “Have patience”. Let me tell you, the Department of Workforce Development could take lessons from the BMV in how to have good customer service. Ponder that. And yes, their attitude and service was abysmal long before they were slammed by bye current economic situation.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I can't get an authorization code sent to my phone to apply, nor change the method to e-mail.

Joe said...

That stinks

I feel your pain

Cappy said...

Good luck to you on the new job, and stay safe.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Governors don’t issue freedoms. They are our employees and are supposed to do what we tell them to do.

Which is why I will not vote to re-elect this one in the fall. Just another RINO.

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