May 21, 2020

i guess he went to used car sales school

HVAC Dude came to check out the broken AC. Says our furnace is shot too. Gave us a ridiculous quote. I’m seeking a second opinion. I’m a little ticked off because the guy said he disabled our furnace because the cracks in the heat exchanger make it unsafe. I don’t need heat right now, but he had no right to mess with my stuff. He told me too bad. The guy coming Friday comes highly recommended by my neighbor who always “has a guy”. Neighbor says this recommended HVAC guy is very good and cheap. The last guy left me with the impression all he wanted was to upsale me on a new system, despite my telling him we had to do it economically. It took more than 30 minutes to get a straight answer on “what has to be done TODAY to get AC and what is it going to cost, and I’m still not convinced I got a straight answer. Guy must have told us a dozen times he was an ex-Marine. I guess that means we should trust him implicitly. Sorry, It doesn’t work that way. I wasted $99, but I won’t have that company fix it under any circumstances.

I like to think I’m an honest salesman. The last of a dying breed. I guess that is why I’m unemployed.

In other news it is cloudy and cool and rain is in the forecast for the next 20 days. I might exaggerate. It is May. It rains here in May. Often. It probably does at your house too, unless you live in the southwest.

I mowed last evening to make sure the grass wasn’t ankle high by the end of the weekend.

Life is good. I’m alive. There is that.

Have a great Thursday.


glasslass said...

Last summer the upstairs A/C went on the fritz. Man came out and said that'll be between $800 to 900 to fix. Well that just wasn't in the budget so I used fans and got through it. Called and a new guy showed up and told me Yep, it's the compressor and it'll be $1,600 to $2,000. When asked how in less than 1 year it more than doubled he had no answer. Said he was going back to the off and look up other work order. Not expecting any good news there. I guess I need another stimulus check. Think if I send Nancy an e-mail with tears on it and she'll believe me when I say I'll vote for Joe she'll send me a check. :)

Jean said...
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Jean said...

You should try being an old woman and expect honest sales people.
Yeah, right.
Fortunately, I'm a tough old broad and enjoy making the bastards back up and run if they try to bamboozle me.

Enjoy your weekend, Joe.

Practical Parsimony said...

To a man, every salesman or worker tells me he is a Christian and would never cheat me or he is a preacher or used to be or his son or father is a preacher. Why would that make a difference? I never use those people or go to shops with Bible verses on their signs. They think because I am old and no guy with me, they can tell me anything. I know a little and I know men who are friends who know more.

I suppose by disabling your heat he thought he would have you come Fall.

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