May 29, 2020

Riot is not protest

Looting is not protest either.

Burning stores and mass theft from businesses in your neighborhood is the equivalent of pissing in your own bed.

Target, Walmart, Wendy’s, and AutoZone are not “keeping you on the plantation”, they are providing jobs. Trashing a neighborhood school, that represents the plantation of your own making.

None of this looting, rioting, and arson has anything to do with some murdering cops. If you think it does, then you have morality issues and are unfit for civilized society.


slugmama said...

And if you think those businesses will want to rebuild in that area then you are a special kind of stupid.

Cheryl said...

I agree with both of you. Seeing the video was shocking and should not have been on the evening news.

Anonymous said...

How are African-Americans supposed to protest? What's the proper way? Show up to the legislature armed to the teeth? Get up close and yell in policemen's' faces? Those would go over well. Colin Kaepernick and other football players peacefully kneeled during the national anthem; Kaepernick is banned from football and others were punished and called unpatriotic. Wear a t-shirt that says "I can't breathe" - no, that's unseemly and not allowed either. Gather peacefully to march? That invites tear gas and rubber bullets. Actually, any type of peaceful gathering is suspicious. What sort of protest can they do that will be OK?

Blacks in this country are enraged, and I frankly don't blame them, and a riot is just about the only way they have to express that rage. I don't like it either, but I can understand where it's coming from.

As someone else recently wrote on her blog, we are a country born of rebellion, often violent. It seems to be OK though for guys with guns and military gear to show up to demonstrate and threaten local government or the federal government - they're "fine people." But let black people riot over their permanent situation and position, and they're thugs, animals, uncivilized, or too stupid to know any better. They are pissed and have every right to be. How are they supposed to express that rage in a way works for you and gets thing to change?

Anonymous said...

Go anon. You nailed it.

Joe said...

George Floyd was murdered.

Black people often don’t get a fair shake in this country.

Stealing, beating, arson are not protest. The stripping of that Target store was disgusting. Those people were out to steal, not protest.

slugmama said...

" But let black people riot over their permanent situation and position,...."
Well yes, people of color(any other than white)do have that as a deficit in our society. But many, MANY black citizens make life choices and do raise themselves out of that "situation"(assuming you meant poverty and such). Yes, it's a lot harder for a person of color to better themselves and escape the cycle of violence/poverty but it can be done and many have. It's a mindset.

And yes, our government and their police have crossed a line many times and will continue to do so. It's all about corruption and power and police(plus the IRS)are the enforcement arms of that corrupt government apparatus. The IRS can confiscate everything you have and the police can confiscate your life and not think twice about you.

slugmama said...

"How are African-Americans supposed to protest?"
See your history book for the name Martin Luther King Jr.
Build a coalition of all colors of people and we can overwhelm the current situation.
Civil Disobedience has worked in the past(remember a guy named Ghandi?)and it's still effective though not as quick as many people would like and not as much fun for the element of society that wants to run rampant and tear shit up.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to learn today, as the smoke clears, that most of the fires and property destruction in Minneapolis were started by white agitators who happened to be standing around in dark hoodies, prepared with hammers, ready to go. Hmmmm.

Joe said...

Sorry Anymouse, that wasn’t hooded up neo Nazis running out with armloads of “free” stuff from Target.

Nothing screams JUSTICE like a 65” flat screen.

Anonymous said...

A few bad apples don't change the reasons.
A few bad apples don't change the message.
A few bad apples doesn't excuse racism or the respect most of our officers deserve.
It needs to change. Call out racism starting at the top.

Joe said...

Since the post was about looting, your topics don’t fit. No amount of racism, no murdering cops, no corruption justify stealing, looting, arson, or mayhem.

Feel free to compose your own post on your own blog covering the subject matter you see fit.

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