May 31, 2020


I started watching the miniseries “Grant” from the History Channel this morning. I am 2:54 into it and I’m already disappointed. That is two minutes and fifty four seconds into it.

Grant famously wore a private’s sack coat. He eschewed the standard generals’ uniform. The opening scene of the series is supposedly at the Battle of Shiloh and there is Grant all gussied up in a gold looped General Officer uniform. What are the odds they depict the general on crutches at Shiloh? He was.

If the producers cannot get these basic facts right, how can we respect any of the content?

Sigh. I was looking forward to this one.

Edit   “Grant would have been aware of the Abolitionist and pro slavery conflict”  No shit. Anyone breathing in the antebellum United States would have been aware.

More Edit:  WWI type trenches at Fort Donaldson? Seriously?

OMG    Fighting behind Sandbags at Shiloh? Did they even consult with amateur historians?  A sixth grade history buff could have set them straight.

I’m  not sure I can continue with this.  The glaring inaccuracies are making me sick.  There must be something on the Hallmark Channel more worthwhile.


Practical Parsimony said...

We watched the mini-series last week. They talked about his wearing a regular private's coat in the mini-series. He did have his general's trappings on the private's coat.

Joe said...

The coat he is wearing is not a private’s sack coat

Joe said...

Yes PP, they mention his disdain for formal military attire during the commercial breaks, but then depict him in General’s garb throughout!

Jean said...

I enjoyed most of it but I am not close to your level of history buffness.
Maybe they should have hooked up with Ken Burns.

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