June 4, 2020

a post I am sure I will regret

I will not fall to my knees and confess to racial sins I may or may not have committed knowingly or unknowingly. 

I have already and continually confessed my sins to God. That’s enough for me. 

I refuse to mea culpa to a purity test of other’s design. 

Condemning my birth melanin is wrong no matter if my skin tone is dark or light.

I am aware this post will be exhibit #1 at my upcoming show trial.


Cheryl said...

I understand Joe. It isn't like we choose our skin colour, why do I need to apologise for it. What happened was horrific, we need to change how we treat each other.

Anonymous said...

When the Romans apologize to my tribe for throwing them to the lions as a form of entertainment in the Coliseum, I'll take a knee. Till then, I'm expecting an apology from the Egyptians for making my friends tribe build the pyramids. Gosh! The nerve of some people!

Practical Parsimony said...

I think the black guy across the street is mad at what I may have said. I refuse to apologize or even discuss, not that he wants to.

Ed Bonderenka said...

My black friends are cool with me.
I pick my friends wisely.
Asking me to bow to you is an existential threat to my sovereignty and will be dealt with accordingly.

Cappy said...

Friggin Egyptians. If they broke those pyramids, I ain't coming back to fix 'em.

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