June 29, 2020

good thing I drink my coffee black

Not much and nothing.

What is going on and what do I have to report?

Life continues here at the homestead. The girls are on vacation this week, so no little kid frolicking to make up the day.

Retail sucks, and I cannot believe how dishonest people are. Even here in the north side ‘burbs - considered wealthy by some* - theft and fraud is rampant at the big box where I work part time. What kind of jerk buys something, uses it, then returns it? Or buys a can of bug spray or cleaner, uses half and then brings it back for a refund? And the dolts in customer service take it all, no questions asked; scan the receipt and refund the cash. They took back store branded items from a competitor the other day, because the customer had a receipt for something.. Was the receipt for the items returned? Who knows. I just get to restock this crap.

But I’m in a good mood and complaining isn’t where I wanted to go today.

Have a great Monday!

Look you know I mean it because I added an exclamation point!

Another one!

* maybe not, I live there

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Practical Parsimony said...

Yet, I went to one of these stores with a receipt with the store name on it and an unused item only to be told they do not carry the item. Because the person was incapable of finding it, I had to wait and be grilled for 15 minutes. sigh

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