June 7, 2020

The big round up


We can discuss my great day yesterday. We can delve into the politics of the day. I can relate a funny story from my part time gig at the big box store.

Which do you choose?

You don’t get a vote in real time so I guess it is up to me to choose a topic I think best will entertain you. That is, after all, the whole point nes pas?

I suppose I could offer up a short overview summary of each proposed topic; a bloggity Cliff Notes, if you will.

Here goes:

We gathered with friends yesterday to hang out, swim, eat pizza, and play some euchre. They are our oldest and best friends and we haven’t seen them since late February or early March - before the Chinese Crud closed the country. It was great to actually socialize. Sure, I got a mild sunburn, but it was a glorious and gorgeous summer day here in God’s country.

I took a phone call at work Friday. Karen wanted to know if we had a certain bird suet in stock. I told I would check. Standing in front of the bird seed section I asked which one. She said there are two in a yellow package. She wants the darker yellow.

There is but one yellow package on hand. I tell her that. She demands to know if it is the light one or dark yellow one. I can’t compare THERE IS ONLY ONE YELLOW PACKAGE. She insisted I tell her if it is dark or light. IT IS YELLOW. After a few rounds of this Abbott and Costello routine she insisted she talk to the manager to complain about how unhelpful I was.

Somehow I accidentally hung up on her while transferring the call. Whoops.

Protesters have defaced historical monuments worldwide in anti fascist/BLM/anti police demonstrations. These marchers are historically ignorant, willful destroyers of public property, or just plain assholes. Who is more anti-fascist in history than Churchill? Why is Lincoln’s statue or the Soldiers and Sailors monument in Indianapolis being defaced? Lincoln emancipated the slaves. The Indy monument honors the men who went to war to end slavery. WTH? *

Indianapolis’ Democrat mayor has bowed to pressure and will dismantle a marker listing those Confederate soldiers who died at the Civil War POW prison Camp Morton in Indianapolis.

The purge of unpleasant history continues.

* with acknowledgment to LSP. You outta read him every day.


Ed Bonderenka said...

You are a civil war fan.
How you liking this one?

Cappy said...

Karen. Very particular about her artisinal suet.

Anonymous said...

Funny which parts of the protest you chose to point out. Not one comment about the ones that did so peacefully. Let's just point out the bad stuff so we can paint them with the same brush. Make sure you point out their ignorance, bad behavior etc.... but your aren't prejudice....... right. Funny story about a stupid woman right.....but you aren't sexist. Right....

Anonymous said...

But you know who is really stupid. Me. I keep reading hope for some signs of change. Was skipping for a long time. Messed up. My bad.

Joe said...

I’m sorry. I did not realize relating a completely true story was sexist. I guess you prefer to see a lie and attribute the bad manners to a man? Henceforth should everyone just be a “person”? Them? Zher? It? I’m not sure what the appropriate pronoun is.

I agree with most of what the protesters are seeking. I don’t have the answers. I have covered that previously.. Frankly, I made that post already and to comment that many marches were peaceful is boring.

This is not a news site. It is commentary. My commentary. I’m not sure what prejudice I have shown. Am o prejudiced against criminals who deface publicity c property. Yes. Am I prejudiced against thieves who loot, steal, and riot. You betcha. Otherwise, you are making charges based on facts that are not in evidence.

I wasn’t aware you are arbiter of all things bloggity. I didn’t know I needed to get my topics cleared by the thought police prior to publishing. No disagreement with the Anonymous view shall be allowed.

You can always post your own opinions on your own blog any time.

I welcome constructive feedback, discussion, even argument. I learn a lot from those who think differently.

I won’t accept direction on how I should think, what topics I should cover, or politically correct bullshit.

Practical Parsimony said...

Man, you cannot tell the difference between light yellow and dark yellow? Have your eyes checked.

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