July 18, 2020

A post chock full of nutrition

I woke early this morning. I wish otherwise, but so it goes.

It’s been an interesting week. I say that as in weird, strange, different. We had to attend a funeral Thursday for my wife’s last remaining uncle. One of the wife’s cousins, whom I have never met, hugged me. In case you don’t know, I really hate to be touched. I don’t like hugs from anyone except my wife and granddaughters. I really hate to be hugged by strangers at any time, especially in theses days of the Chinese flu. Heck, I had a mask on, that should have been a sign I didn’t want any cooties. More to the point, who hugs perfect strangers?

My best friend suffered a mild heart attack Thursday morning. This is not his first. He is recovering at home.

I don’t know if it is a full moon, but customers were a strange lot at work yesterday. I’ll leave it at that.

We are off today to a high school graduation party for a skipped-over graduation due to the Covid. It will be a hot one.

You know what we need? Some music to tame the beast of a week. I was thinking some classic country might be in order, but instead I am going to present the same tune that is playing in the background as I hunt and peck this drivel:

Nuthin’ wring with that tune.

Have a great Saturday.


squeeky's mom said...

I want to know when random people started hugging strangers. I really don't like to be hugged by anyone I don't know Well. Why won't people just shake hands and leave it at that. Yuck! Hope your friend is doing well, I also had a heart attack on Tuesday night, but due to another major outbreak of the 19, didn't want to go to ER. My doc's out on Wed. felt fine on Thur morn but decided I didn't have a medical degree so off to see what he would say. So, ekg, blood work, go home and I'll call you. Well that resulted in going to the dreaded ER and being admitted for a heart cath. All is fine in there and they sent me home same day. Went in through the artery in the wrist which aches like a mother. But no new meds. Call if you need us. Sure.

Joe said...

I hope you are feeling better S-Mom. You are in my prayers, for what it is worth.

My friend was sent home the next day too. He is doing well.

squeeky's mom said...

Apparently if they do the cath through the femoral artery in the groin you have to stay overnight. Any other place and it's bye-bye. Modern Miracle Medicine at work. Covid19 floor was packed with only a few beds left.

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