August 22, 2020

Like Romeo and Juliette

 Not feeling it this fine Saturday morning. There is lots of Life going on, but I’m not going to go there. The granddaughter has a soccer game this morning then I have a full closing shift at the big box. Otherwise, I have nothing of personal interest to report. 

Last year’s Cubs have returned, unable to score, hit, or prevent the opponents from doing the same. If the starting pitching cannot hold the score close then they roll over and submit. Even if they get some base runners, they cannot get the momentum to keep things going. That’s the problem with baseball in general these days, it is home run or strike out. There is no value in singles and doubles for many of the players. 

Back when the boy played in travel ball he had a coach that only liked the power hitters. That coach would fit in well with today’s baseball strategists. The boy had a batting average pushing .400, but couldn’t get playing time because he did not hit booming fly balls or home runs. More than once I heard the coach derisively call the boy a “slap hitter”. Unfortunately, that coach really disliked me for some reason and took out that animosity on the boy. Small town pettiness at its best.

As usual, I showed up here with nothing and managed to put letters into words. Not interesting ones, I agree, but a post-like substance nonetheless. 

How about a little music to round out this Saturday?

Have a great day.


Cheryl said...

Joe this has been the Pirates for years. I watch an inning of two then switch to something else.

Jean said...

Cleveland is like a yo-yo. Tonight's game was great, though.
New pitcher McKenzie is very impressive. I'm hoping they'll replace one of the suspended scum pitchers with him.

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