August 4, 2020

No artificial flavoring

I’m sitting on the couch sipping coffee that is almost too hot to drink. I can just hear the little fountain just outside the family room window as I peruse the day’s news and the internet before the girls arrive. Life continues apace here at the old homestead. 

I’m not scheduled to spend much time at work this week. A few hours tomorrow and another handful on Saturday. I have plenty of work around here. The last several days of rain have left the lawn need of cutting. I need to spray the weeds. A white lavender needs serious pruning. In fact, it has so much dead I may have too remove it entirely. Mulberries are poking their evil heads through the tiger lily patch. I want to get some of this done while we have fall-like weather this week. The August heat will return. I hope so anyway. Papa needs a new furnace. 

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