August 2, 2020

Pass the popcorn

Yesterday’s effort was just a bit self-indulgent. I doubt I can remedy that with today’s effort. 

I think I have to agree with my blog buddy Jean. Baseball is just weird. A week into the season and I am having a hard time watching. I find myself flipping channels between innings sometimes I don’t come back. I don’t know, it is just strange.

Yesterday was filled with spotty drizzle and heavy cloud cover. We took the old 52 inch rear projection TV down to the recycling center. Half the pixels were out and the bulb was way past dim. Our SIL gave us a 48 inch flat screen we put in the bedroom to replace the worn out TV. Both are too big for a bedroom, but having a big TV in there is like watching at the drive-in. The only problem is I really hate watching TV in bed. I know, weird, right. Not even in a hotel. 

Of course no one under about 40 has ever been to a drive-in theater. The one we frequented in my youth is still open. The wife and I had many dates there when we were youngsters. My old POS pickup was great for watching movies with the big windshield and bench seat.

We took the kids to the one in Shelbytucky a few times when they were young and before it started to cost the same as going to a “real” movie theater. Mostly the kids complained they couldn’t see the screen well from the back seat. Today’s windshields are designed for gas mileage, not movie viewing. Frankly, the kids didn’t enjoy it much and we didn’t go so often.

 I have a yen for a donut this morning. 

A bientot.


Cheryl said...

Be a Pittsburgh pirates fan and then we can talk. I spend more time on Prime video than watching the game. We are an embarrassment to baseball.

Lori said...

I wish we had a drive in theater. I loved going when I was a kid and teen.

Jean said...

If baseball continues on the same track for much longer, between injury/illness and opt outs, there won't be enough players left to have any games to play.
Extra innings starting with a man on 2nd base and now double headers of only seven innings...we must be in the Twilight Zone.
Plus, Cleveland has been sucking lately, except for the starters.

Baseball is supposed to be FUN but this season is mostly just pissing me off.

Joe said...

I hate the runner on second base rule probably even more than the DH, which is saying something.

I won’t even consider the 7 inning double header.
Has MLB become little league softball?

The old guys are laughing at this current crop of,players.

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