August 19, 2020

Running on Empty

Biden is officially the Democrat nominee. A lifelong dream come true for him. And when I say lifetime, I mean it. Creepy Joe first started running for President back in the eighties. Even the ghost of William Jennings Bryant is muttering that enough is enough. Back in the days of big hair and shoulder pads Biden’s Presidential run was derailed by stealing a speech and passing it off as his own, in other words, plagiarism. 

The bottom line the dude has sucked at the taxpayer teat since 1973. I’m not positive he ever had a real job. Biden is the very definition of a career politician. Addled Joe wants us to believe everything is wrong and he must be elected, but his party controlled both houses of Congress for a big chunk of his long, long, long career.

If you want to go back to the glory days of the Obama years — an anemic economy, high taxes, overwhelming regulations, high gas prices, civil unrest, endless wars, and sucking up to the Chinese, then Biden is your man. 

Trying to pin Joe to a policy position s like trying to train amoeba to dance to Billie Jean. Biden will say anything to get elected. For it, against it, what do the polls say? And lest you “Me too” types forget, there are serious accusations Joe likes to take a hands on approach with his subordinates. I suspect all of you who were outraged over the Kavanagh affair will be protesting outside the Convention tonight. Believe All Women, amirite?

Chirp, chirp.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Well said.

Scott said...

This and yesterday's posts are the reason that I love to come visit your old blog, Joe. Oh, and humor plus music. It's fun for the whole family...

Joe said...

Thanks Scott. I appreciate it.

I throw up some old classic rock for you Friday.

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