August 13, 2020

Where did the cursor go?

 The oldest granddaughter started kindergarten today. It is weird around here as the youngest granddaughter does her best impression of a hurricane. The oldest has been here nearly every weekday since she was a month old. My wife is taking it hard. Almost as bad as when our own kids started school.

In other news Biden has chosen his running mate. I bet her record as a prosecutor is a issue for the get-rid-of-the-cops crowd. Her anti-gun stance will be a problem for fly-over moderates. 

Laughingly, women’s groups are telling the media they better not treat Kamala like they did Sarah Pallin. Hah, it was leftist women who were most vicious. No worry though, the media is even more in the tank for Democrats than in 2008. 

I laugh when I read the accounts of Harris’ “debate prowess “. I guess they did not watch the Democrat Presidential debates. The Veep nominee was toasted repeatedly by the other contenders to the point it destroyed her Presidential aspirations. I doubt Pence is too worried. 


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Agreed. I’m not even going to quibble over “viscous” vs. “vicious”.

“Viscous” means “thick”, after all, and progressives are pretty thick-headed.

Joe said...


Stupid auto correct


Ed Bonderenka said...

Maybe Pence will let Tulsi pinch hit for him in a debate.

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